Frequently asked questions

Ingredient safety

The dosages of all of our ingredients are formulated to be well tolerated and within the ranges that are regarded as safe. However, individuals with specific sensitivity to any of the ingredients we carry should avoid use of the product or discontinue use of product if any negative side effect is experienced during its use. If you are pregnant, nursing or using medications it's important to speak with a health care professional prior to using any supplement, including Self Supplements. Remember to take our supplements after a snack or meal and be mindful of the time of day to ensure it aligns with your needs.

Can I use Self Supplements if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, nursing or using medications it's important to speak with a health care professional prior to using any supplement, including Self Supplements.

How should I mix my supplements

Self Supplements are highly soluble in water and taste great. Use the scooper that comes inside the tub and mix a full serving with 8-12 ounces of water. We provide a range rather than a fixed volume of water simply because tastes vary. Some people like to mix their supplements with other juices or with soda water. The sky is the limit!

What if I can't find my scooper?

Sometimes, the scooper can get buried deep in the tub during shipping. Contact us at and we'll provide you with additional guidance. On average, the serving sizes are about 5.8g or 6 mL, which is slightly above a teaspoon each.

What time of day should I drink my Self Supplements?

Each product has the recommended dosing on the back label. Products with caffeine are not recommended to be taken in the evening if caffeine affects your ability to sleep. We recommend taking all of our supplements on a full stomach. Immunity + Energy is best consumed after breakfast. Immunity + Brain mid-morning or early afternoon, also after a snack or meal. And Immunity + Unwind in the late afternoon or early evening. VACCIPREP can be taken at any time of day, but it's always better to consume your supplements with or after a meal.

Can I take my supplements on an empty stomach?

Each product will have the recommended dosing instructions on the back label. Our supplements are rich in vitamins, minerals and herbs so we normally recommend consuming them after any meal or snack. You know your body and will know how to weave self supplements into your self care routine. We're here to help!

Who should take Self Supplements?

Our products are formulated for healthy adults (18 and over) interested in improving their immunity and wellness, and interested is simplifying their self-care routine.

How often can I take Self Supplements?

The dosing instructions will be shown on the back label of each product. We recommend sticking to that dosing. It's ok to mix and match our supplements depending on your daily needs.

Can I take Self Supplements with my medications or other supplements?

Our products are not known to have adverse interactions, however you should consult with your doctor regarding questions on interactions with other drugs, medications or other supplements you may be taking.

Are all Self Supplements vegan?

All of our daily immunity supplements are vegan. We're committed to selecting vegan ingredients when they are a viable option. However, VACCIPREP contains Vitamin D3 which is not vegan. It was important that we source the most potent form of vitamin D for VACCIPREP because of its short term (14 day) use and specific purpose.

Can I combine my Self Supplements?

We've formulated Self Supplements with safety in mind and recommend adhering to the dosing instructions as stated on the packaging. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional regarding combining supplements.

How long can I take VACCIPREP?

VACCIPREP has been specifically formulated for the 14 day period surrounding vaccination. You can take VACCIPREP for longer periods but it may not be necessary. It's broad formulation is intended to help avoid micronutrient deficiencies that have been clinically associated with immune response when vaccinating. While these have been found to be important when vaccinating, their deficiencies may not be as crucial at other times. We recommend taking our daily immunity support supplements for every day use, and VACCIPREP specifically before and after vaccinations.

Why is VACCIPREP only indicated for adults?

Immune response declines with age. This is called immunosenescence. We developed VACCIPREP for adults because they are in greatest need of immunity support when vaccinating.