• Lindsey Ryan

Hydroponics Teach us the Importance of Nutrition

Some once told me that “people who enjoy gardening believe in the future.” Planting a seed in the ground is a real sign of hope. There is no instant gratification aside from knowing what you’ve accomplished...fostering life! Over time that seed or small plant will draw water and nutrients from the ground and sunshine from above to fuel its engine of photosynthesis. Better conditions will yield better results. It’s a simple concept, and one that is even clearer in the world of hydroponics.

In the absence of soil, hydroponics rely solely on the availability of water, light and nutrients. At first it may seem foreign and impossible to grow anything without soil, but upon closer observation it’s truly beautiful and amazing. And, as a nutritionist, it’s a perfect example of the importance of nutritional balance that exists in nature.

Growing a plant in a hydroponic system isn‘t as simple as burying a seed into fertile soil. It requires understanding the plant itself, its characteristics and tailoring the nutrients to meet those needs. Take for example growing a lemon tree. Lemon trees have a sensitive root system, that, like all plants, requires oxygenation. If the nutrient solution is too high, those roots will be “drowned out“. Likewise, it is sensitive to the pH and temperature levels. Our bodies have unique characteristics as well. More isn’t always better.

A few weeks ago I read a post by a very large global and popular vitamin company promoting its newest product- a vitamin C concentrate containing 2000 mg per serving. People commented on how amazing this product was and how they couldn’t wait to try it. Maybe they were all employees. Yet, it struck me as irresponsible and a perfect example of a marketing ploy aimed at satisfying people’s belief that “more is better”. The hydroponic lemon tree teaches us that is not true.

As a nutritionist, I strive to deliver optimal health benefits through nutrition. Micronutrients, which are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and even probiotics, are only necessary in the body in relatively small doses (hint..."micro"). There are minimum recommended quantities and there are also upper limits which should not be exceeded. Too many supplement brands have pushed this notion that flooding the system with large amounts of micronutrients will simply improve outcomes proportionately. Nutrient excess can be harmful and lead to nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps or worst symptoms.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but 10 apples a day will give you a stomach ache and diarrhea."

Let the hydroponic lemon be a reminder that nature has a delicate balance. Self Supplements understands this and incorporates that philosophy into all of its formulations. Each product delivers healthy and right-sized dosages of the most multifunctional and trusted micronutrients available. And, each blend is made for daily use, boosting your immunity and providing important additional benefits like Energy, (Brain) Focus, (Unwind) Relaxation & Sleep.

Self Supplements are formulated thoughtfully, with the right dosing of multifunctional ingredients for broad benefits and amazing flavors, because we know that the most expensive supplements are the one's sitting in your cupboard 90% full and expired.

You got this!

Lindsey -Certified Nutritionist

Disclaimer: The information has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and was provided as an educational resource, not medical advice. Please consult your medical care practitioner with any questions.

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