• Lindsey Ryan

My Secret to Taking Less Supplements: Consolidate!

There it was, in my bathroom closet...the natural energy pills I had bought that would miraculously make my body burn fat 10X faster! It was still 90% full and expired in 2010.

That was it. I decided to go through my entire house and collect every capsule, tub and gummy in the house to take stock of my experience.

Over the past few years, I've purchased over 30 dietary and nutritional supplements to help me lose weight, energize, build my immunity, cleanse by liver, brighten by skin, harden my nails and so much more. Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in stacking the deck in my favor, and that's exactly what I think supplements should do. However, as I sort through the countless products in my possession, I realize that selecting the right supplement for my needs has become increasingly confusing. Is it B1, B12 or B5 that's good for energy? When do I need a boost of Vitamin D? What's good for my immunity but bad for my liver? And, why do it see so many of the same ingredients in so many products that support different areas of need?

I'm not a doctor. I have a family and dog, work, home and friends.

Life is good, but there's nothing simple about about it, so I can't really afford to add more complexity with my self-care routine.

That's when I came across #SelfSupplements. It's Self-explanatory (pun intended). Every product has at least 5 essential ingredients to help boost and build my immunity like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Elderberry and organic Reishi mushroom. Immunity + Energy has even more immunity boosters like organic Shitaki, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail (rich in Beta Glucans) and Yerba Mate.

I had been taking most of these ingredients separately and paying for each but now I get them all combined with SELF+ in one product.

What I love the most about this is that each product gives me a load of immunity ingredients to stock up my defenses daily, PLUS other combined benefits that align to the things I know I'll need... like extra Energy when I'm feeling depleted, BRAIN support when I need to focus, and help to UNWIND.

I have a busy routine, so I need an extra boost of energy to make it through the day. SELF Immunity + Energy does that for me. Its simple, it works, and it replaces three other supplements I was taking. SELF Immunity + Brain is for days when I know I need to focus on something (i.e. work!) while dealing with the chaos of my kids in the background. Its rich in nootropics likeAlpha GPC, Acai, and essential amino acids but also has vitamins B-6 and B-12 and is caffeine-free, so I can take it anytime. SELF Immunity + Unwind is there for what I call the "end of days." It's formulated to help me de-stress, calm and relax my mind and body after a busy day. It has Ashwagandha, which has been used for thousands of years to help with anxiety and stress. It also has L-Tryptophan, Melatonin and Magnesium to help relax and achieve a deeper sleep.

Self+supplements are sugar-free, 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-gmo. The powders taste great, which helps me drink more water. I can't even begin to describe the amount of supplement powders I have that sound great in theory, but can't be stomached, regardless of how they're mixed or blended. The simple truth is that after a few tries, they just don't get used. Self+supplements mix easily with water and taste refreshing.

Disclaimer: The information has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and was provided as an educational resource, not medical advice. Please consult your medical care practitioner with any questions.