• Lindsey Ryan

"Preparing your Immunity for a Vaccine is Like Stretching before a Run."

Have you ever wondered why you got the flu even after being vaccinated? It’s because the efficacy of vaccines can vary by individual. In fact, the CDC reports that Vaccine Effectiveness (VE) for the average flu vaccine ranges between 40-60% across overall populations.(1) While those odds don't seem great, they're far better than what unvaccinated individuals face. But, maybe you can do more to stack the deck in your favor.

Nearly half of all Americans get the flu vaccine every year, and almost everyone gets many more vaccines over their lifetime.(2) In the last century, vaccines have helped mostly or completely eradicate countless viruses and diseases like polio, measles and chickenpox. When you‘re going out in the rain, you know to wear boots and carry an umbrella and if you’re going to exercise...you stretch. Yet, we’re given very little direction on how to properly prepare our body and immune system for vaccines.

When Dr. Evan Floreani was a practicing Internist and Hematologist in Chicago, he would insist that his family were healthy before vaccinations. He recommended a specific nutritional regimen rich in Vitamin A, D, C, Zinc, Selenium, essential Amino Acids and Probiotics. Like so many other healthcare professionals, Dr. Floreani would assess his patients energy and overall health before administering a vaccine. The CDC, NIH and most physicians would likely agree that vaccines work best when administered to someone with a healthy immune system. Today, many studies have shown this to be the case but it’s still not widely discussed among healthcare professionals.

Our immune system is like our internal warrior that protects us from viruses and disease. Vaccines help arm our immune system and identify the right enemies to "search and destroy". While vaccines aren’t silver bullets, they do provide our immune systems with a blueprint of sorts that makes it much easier for our immune system to identify and respond to threats.

So, how should we prepare our immune system for vaccines? According to the CDC,

"vaccine effectiveness can vary depending on who is being vaccinated. At least two factors play an important role in determining the likelihood that flu vaccine will protect a person from flu illness: 1) characteristics of the person being vaccinated (such as their age and health), and 2) the similarity or “match” between the flu viruses the flu vaccine is designed to protect against and the flu viruses spreading in the community."(1)

Unfortunately, we can’t change our age or the vaccine we’re taking, but we can take charge of our health. That’s where Self Supplements VACCI PREP can help. Dr. Floreani's formulation is stacked with carefully selected key vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, botanicals, flavonoids and probiotics. The result is a unique formula designed to be taken before, during and after vaccines to support a healthy immune system at a critical point in time. The side effects of vaccines are generally very mild and inconsequential. While many people are concerned with the side effects of vaccines, we should really be focused on priming our immune system to support vaccine effectiveness.

As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

You got this!

Lindsey- Certified Nutritionist

Disclaimer: The information has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and was provided as an educational resource, not medical advice. Please consult your medical care practitioner with any questions. VACCI PREP is not a replacement for vaccines nor intended to treat their side effects. 1. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/vaccines-work/vaccineeffect.htmhttps://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/vaccine-benefits.htm

2. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/fluvaxview/coverage-1819estimates.htm

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