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Most people's homes are filled with vitamins, minerals and herbs that lack ingredient transparency and taste awful. Too many supplements offer exaggerated promises and limited benefits. We set out to be different.


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We take supplements to live healthier lives and to address specific needs and events. Our research shows that supporting a healthy immune system is the most important daily benefit we could provide.

But, most adults need more from their DAILY SUPPLEMENTS:

  • More Energy to get through the day

  • Gain Focus when working

  • Help Unwind & Sleep in the evenings

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So, we formulated Self Supplements to be an immunity support powerhouse but with clear added benefits. We also made all of our blends refreshingly delicious so you'd enjoy every sip.

We became the first to offer immunity support for vaccine preparedness. 

Our scientific advisor, a physician with over 40 years of experience, explained that Vaccine Effectiveness varies by person and is largely driven by age, health and how closely the vaccine is matched to the virus in circulation. In fact, the CDC provides VE updates every flu season. The numbers show that, on average, VE varies between 40-60%, and as low as 17% for some people. 


It is generally accepted that a healthy immune system responds better to vaccinations than a weaker one. That is one reason you are asked about your immunity health before getting vaccinated. Immune response declines with age. This is called "immunosenescence" and has been widely researched. And yet, no one had every developed immunity support for adults, tailored to meet the challenges and stressors when vaccinating.

So, with the guidance of our scientific advisor, we brought you VACCIPREP, a formulation that had been years in the making to help over 200 million adults support their immune system when vaccinating!


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